Lesson #4: Types of Clothing (Upper)

After sorting through what clothes you like and fit, it’s time to fill up the rest of the wardrobe. Here are some basic clothing types you can examine and use in your own wardrobe:

Shirt: catalog_detail_image_largeT-shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve. Basic of the wardrobe.

Sweater: 12681543Knitted long-sleeve. Very versatile. Comes in many types, such as crew necks, v-necks, cardigan, and fisherman to name a few.

OCBD: ocbd_izodOxford Cloth Button Down. Button shirt. Very versatile and can be worn with many other clothes like sweater, vest, or solo.

Henley: 45bd41508ba6f09f9c01dabbec1aeed6Pull-over shirt, usually with buttons from neck to chest. Working-man and laid back vibes.


Outwear with sleeves, a closing in the front, and ends at the waist. Varies from as casual as zip-up hoodie to as  formal as a blazer.

Polo: kr1100_629_a_385x385 Think of Ralph Lauren. The classic golf shirt with buttons down the neck, a more formal version of a henley.


Sleeveless garment usually worn on-top of other clothes.


Outer garment with sleeves and runs belong the waist to the thigh. An in-depth analysis of coats can be seen here.

Next Lesson: Types of Clothing (Lower)



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