Lesson #6: Choosing Color

One of the biggest choices when deciding what what clothing to buy, what clothes should be worn together, or what article to throw away is color

It can be hard to decide what color scheme to choose, but that ultimately comes down to Lesson #1’s idea of how you want to look. If you want to stand out, bright colors will do. (However, too bright can also look ugly). If you want to stay neutral and stick to the norm, neutral and dark colors are a good idea.

The follow are some important rules most people should abide by:

  • Outwear (jackets, coats, pants, etc.) should be neutral so it can work with any fit
  • Try to avoid bright colors, unless you know exactly what you want (Color danger levels)
  • It’s a safe bet to match your clothing color with the weather/season (i.e. earthy colors in fall, white and dull in winter, light colors in spring, bright and contrast in summer)

Here are a guide from reddit to further expands your knowledge of color if you are curious: Link 1


Courtesy: Buzzfeed Link: https://goo.gl/nJ0eOR

Next Lesson: Example Wardrobes


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