SHL: Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)

Welcome to the first ForFun post, SHL, or Steal His/Her Look. Here, we take popular social media stars and analyze the look. Then, we’ll have the option to Steal His/Her Look though various websites. Clothing options are categorized by price, with Affordable being cost efficient and “GQ Level” being that designer, high quality feel. Enjoy the post.

This is Steve Harrington from Stranger Things, a very popular Netflix series. The clothing options are fantastic throughout the show, and we’ll get a chance to look at Steve Harrington’s iconic fit and look cool picking up girls between classes.


Jeans – The basic to a good-looking, comfortable fit.


Affordable: Levi’s 501 (Amazon)

Nice But Pricey: Banana Republic Vintage Jeans, J-Crew 484 Stretch

GQ Level: Acne Studio Jeans

Striped Shirt – Adds some fun and flair


Affordable: US Polo Assassin

Nice But Pricey: Orvis Multi-Striped

GQ Level: Lacoste Polo

Harrington Jacket – Keeps the look fresh, clean, and iconic. The collar must be popped though


Affordable: Idle Man, Old Navy Harrington

Nice But Pricey: Ben Sherman, Levi’s Trucker

GQ Level: Baracuta G9

Watch – Cherry on Top


Affordable: CakCity, Timex

Nice But Pricey: Fossil

GQ Level: Shinola



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