How not to Dress (Valentine’s Edition)

As today is Valentine’s day, it’s a time for the “in-a-relationship” people to rejoice or torment in their love and for the single to torment or rejoice in their singleness.

Thinking about what to write about, I thought it’d be interesting on how not to dress to find dates and go on dates rather than how to dress. Cause there are already too many posts telling you how to dress, but not enough on how not to.

So in this article we’ll be looking at a well-known single in a show in The Office known as Toby Flenderson, whom I can’t help but think of as always single and love-less.


Just at looking at this outlet alone, his suit is rather disgusting. Color coordination and patterns are particularly important, and his combination of brown, darn green, and a bland tie reminds me of “uck.”

First, his brown suit needs to be addressed. A brown suit can be worn with the right material: a bright, light colored dress shirt and vibrant tie. However, the dull and mushed color just emphasize the sadness in the suit.

Next, his dress shirt. The dark olive green could work wonders with a darker fit.


However, Toby’s dress shirt does not have the minimalism to match clean olive green shirt as seen above.

The piece that brings this outfit lower than it already has is the tie. The dull blue, green, and black design of it doesn’t help. The pattern is outdated as well. Small, horizontal boxes are a design of the past. Today’s  tie should have a uniform color, slanted striped design, curly designs, and sideways checkerboard style.


Finally, the most outstanding part in the sadness of Toby is his frown. Toby could look terrible, but if he had a smiling face and countenance throughout the show, maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be forever alone and have some success in his love life. And perhaps, he could have a happier Valentine’s day.




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