How to Dress for a Cold Morning, Warm Day

It’s been a funny few days of winter if you live in the Midwest. The mornings are a little chilly yet the days are warm. Here is a pic of the temperature just on February 22nd.


One of the trickiest things, especially as a college student with little time to change clothes, is determining how to dress. Dress too warm for the morning and the day will be sweaty. Dress too chill for the day and the morning is cold.
The key is wearing light and breathable layers while avoiding the sun. In the morning, the layers will help block that morning wind and trap the body heat. In the afternoon, the longer layer can block the sun while offer breathability.

Fabric choice is very important. Breathable and/or water-wicking fabrics are ideal. Light colors are good to ward off the heat.

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For shirts, look for light cotton, linen shirts, chambray, or water-wicking cotton. Avoid those heavy cotton, denim, and skin-tight clothing. If possible, long sleeves that can be rolled-up/cuffed are ideal as they can be both warming and cooling.

For pants, trousers and chinos are good, preferred over denim if possible.

For shoes, open-toed shoe vs clothes toed are up to the person. Just don’t wear crocs. Light socks are also important. Wool can be thick but good at moisture wicking.

For jackets, it’s optional. Jackets are good as they can block wind, block the sun, keep you warm, and taken off and wrapped around or put aside. Again, light jackets are good. Half-lined or unlined jackets and moisture wicking jackets are good. (For me, I just wear a light wind-breaker)

Thanks and Credit to Bustle and RealMenStyle for the tips.





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