International Day of Pancakes

What’s better than rolling out of bed at 10am, hearing the sizzling sound of cooking at the kitchen, and running down the stairs to have a fresh, steaming, butter-slipping, syrup plastered pancake waiting for you at the table?

The guy above sure seems excited. (I looked up eating pancakes and his image looked funny.) Check out his video!



Anyway, tomorrow (3/7/17) is international pancake day, meaning you can have a free pancake at IHOP tomorrow. Here is a top tier list of clothes you can wear to IHOP to mimic that childhood right-out-of-bed pancake fit.

Sweatpants: Sweatpants are in right now. From pajamas, to athletic clothing, to street wear, sweatpants are comfortable and stylish


GQ’s favorite set of sweatpants is John Elliot’s Escobar Sweatpants. If you can’t afford the $185 price tag, a cheaper alternative is Uniqlo. For a sporty feel, Adidas is good.

PJs: Can’t go wrong with the classic PJs.


Whether the full body set or just the pajama pants, they are the go-to sleepwear. You can pick them up anywhere, from as expensive as $1000 from Dolce and Gabbana or a $15 set from Target. Be as creative (like my dope Batman pajamas) or bland as you want.

Shirt: I really don’t have any recommendation for shirt other than a comfy cotton T-shirt or sweater. Get as fun and creative as you want here.


Slippers: Feet a little cold? Cop some nice slippers. Land’s Ends pair looks the most comfortable for my feet and wallet. For a full recommendation, check out Gear Patrol’s list of slippers.




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