Coffee Store Vibes (3/17/17)

Hey, this is my first blog post. These posts will probably have minimal to no connection of Fashionscrub, but they serve as an outlet for you (the reader) to better understand my non-fashion side of life. Anyway, first post.

It’s a rainy day at the University of Illinois today. It’s also the last Friday before Spring Break. With the campus so quiet and cloudy and wet, I indefinitely find myself in a Starbucks. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized in the vibes of the smell of coffee and good chill pop.


I love rainy days, because it’s an excuse to stay at home, stay in a coffee shop, or just stay indoors all day. Sometimes, I need a break from all the cold and windy side of the outdoor. Indoors, I can do a lot of things. I can play video games (mainly League of Legends). If I have a ton of homework, I can usually stay focused with a couple of snacks, bottle of water, and a nice set of headphones. Or if I just want to stay in a relax, that’s totally fine. There’s no pressure to have to go outside just because of the “you should never miss a good day” stigma. Honestly, if the water didn’t make my clothes soggy and didn’t make my shoes wet, rain is pretty cool.


My mom once asked me why places like Starbucks and Panera Bread are so expensive. That’s true. Why should a sandwich, drink, and chips cost $12? And a bowl of soup $4? I sound pretty stingy and frugal right now but man that’s expensive for food. I’m trying to save my money for clothes and nice things.

Well, while I agreed with my mom, a portion of that expensive cost isn’t just for food. It’s for the environment. You can go to places like Starbucks and Panera to get your meal or cup of Joe. But you can also go to these places to hang out, have a meeting, relax, get some work done. The money is not only for the food. It’s for a warm, open, inviting, and comfortable setting to get away from your home.


What am I trying to say? Enjoy those rainy, cloudy days. Rather than be upset of the terrible weather, use it as a “cheat day” to stay inside and indulge in your lazy (or guilty) pleasures.




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