“Passionfruit” by Drake

Another break from the normal clothing articles. This time it’s music. Drake released his new album More Life a couple days ago. Gave the album a quick listen through and it’s good (a small Drake fan). One song I really liked was “Passionfruit“.df91da4c0c20709e276c25f1bb6ff87f-640x640x1

The song is so smooth. It’s soft, the beat is steady and has a nice ambiance. The song opens up with just the beat and a soft violin-like instrument in the back with a “uh-huh” voice tucked away. Then a solo voice comes up before Drake starts his part. The voice goes away near the end of the song and we the listener are left with the same groovy beat that started the song.

After listening to the piece twice, I wanted to learn more about the meaning of passion fruit. Gave the lyrics a look up with my favorite public lyric analyzing Genius. The lyrics for “Passionfruit” can be found herefb-logo-big

So the song is about a long distance relationship. It’s about Drake’s personal relationship (perhaps) and how it’s hard to be committed in a long distance relationship, especially when you can’t see the significant other face-to-face. He mentions how trust is not only hard to build during this time, but hard to maintain.


It’s definitely a good song and a song worth listening to if you can relate. I just can’t get that freaking beat out of my head! Anyways, happy Monday and hope it’s a good start to your week.



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