FashionScrub 2.0

Hi guys (to the two-three people who might read this lol). As you may tell, the website has been redesigned. Essentially, I thought of “rebranding” the website and making the articles a little more catered toward the reader while allowing me to create more content.

Before, you would find categories such as FashionScrub, where we teach any average Joe how to get started on dressing. In News&Opinion, it was a fun twist of social and news with fashion. Finally, the ForFun offered a way for users to potentially learn of the fun ways and funny parts of fashion.

After writing for about a month, I hit quite a big block. I found it hard to make content, and often too time consuming. I actually considered discontinuing it to making tech (something I can also do if requested). Instead, I have reformatted the site into categories that are better in my opinion. collage

I’m keeping FashionScrub since I believe that is the staple of this site. I’m splittling News and Opinion, one offering an insight of a fusion of news and fashion and the other offering my non-professional insights on how to dress and insider tips. Finally, I’m adding a new category, Spotlight, where I’m hoping will create the most content.

With Spotlight, I’m hoping to showcase bi-weekly articles of underground companies, popular clothing companies, and other articles relevant to the times.

At the core, I’m keeping the same philosophy of making the site easy, simple, and concise. This will allow those less-passionately invested readers who are interested to ease into the content and enjoying the material to its entirety.

To the readers that manage read this, let’s enjoy this journey and see if these changes possible bring this site to over 1000 visitors per day or week, or perhaps we will just stay as another sunken ship in the ocean of blogs and websites.

To a better future.



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