Shoes Every Man Should Get

You could be the most well-dressed man in the room ankle-up. However, if you can’t find the right shoes, the whole look will be off. Today, I’ll explain the four essential shoes every man needs to look and walk (and run) comfortably)


Side Note: While shoe can be expensive, it’s important to mind these devices are worn daily and keep your feet and body feeling comfortable and healthy. So if you want a shoe that will last and is good, it’s important to note that spending a few extra bucks can go the extra distance.

Casual Weekend Shoes
IMG_6810White sneakers are very versatile. You can wear them with almost anything and they’ll look great. They can steal the show if you choose to wear dull colors, or they can match your vibrant clothing choices if you choose.

Chuck Taylor II – $70

Alternatives – Adidas Stan Smith, Common Projects, Vans (Dam Daniel)

Work Shoes


A nice pair of brown dress shoes will look with almost anything business casual and casual. Perfect for looking ready for the job without being too professional. Make sure to avoid rounded shoes.

Asos Oxford Leather – $50

Alternatives – Cole Hann Oxford, Calibrate by Nordstrom, Johnston and Murphy



This is for those who live in the cold parts of the US. Coming from the Midwest, where the winters are cold, windy, and full of snow, a nice set of boots can come in handy. Definitely worth spending a few extra bucks on to get a good set.

Timerland Killington – $130

Alternatives – JackThreads Walker Wedge, Clark’s Montacute Lord

Athletic Shoes


Every human being should exercise if they can. It keeps you in shape, keeps the body healthier, gives more energy, and can be fun! I picked up running in middle school when a good friend of mine asked me to join him in cross country. I ran for seven years and they were some of the most fun (and painful) years. Get a good pair of shoes for whatever activity you want.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus – $110

Alternatives – Nike Free Run, Saucony Omni, Newton Kimset II


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