After Villanova lost to Wisconsin, my bracket was busted. Ahh. That stinks. Although this March Madness has been filled with wild upsets and stories, one thing that has stood out is Lavar Ball and his Big Baller Brand.If you follow college basketball, you will have heard of him. In case you haven’t, here’s a little backstory:

A former less-successful basketball player (Averaged 2.2 points/game), he had a vision to have three songs whom would rock the basketball girl. Being a big, athletic man, he married a women that could breed the basketball gods he wanted. It started with Lonzo Ball, a UCLA superstar; Liangelo Ball, Chino Hill senior big man; and LaMelo Ball, sophomore standout who scored 92 points in a high school game.

ball bros

Once his songs gained the stardom and fame that they are now, Lavar ingeniously and crazily used this attention to rocket-jump his athletic brand Big Baller Brand (that’s meant to rival the Jordan Brand…) and get time on camera.

Talk about a crazy genius? Sure, he is crazy. Using his sons and making wild claims, even trying the attention of Lebron James, that man is crazy. But having his plan before he even met his wife, sticking to it, and making happen, that I can call part genius.

However, that plan comes at premium for fans. Going to his website Big Baller Brand, all you’ll find is overpriced items that I could’ve made for you in my high school graphics class. bbb

If you really want to be part of a movement that might be as big as the Jordan Brand, take that risk. Spend $50 for a T-shirt, $100 for snap back, or $60 on hoodie. Oh, and did I forget to mention you are a walking ad for this company?

However, there is a secret hack. Head over to rushordertees and make a T-shirt in the color you want. Then attach the logo from here. Pretty sure you make your own version for $10.


Regardless if you want the product or not, this man is quite something. He had a plan and sought out to make it happen in the Big Baller Brand. But now, he is causing quite the raucous, and it’s create some uneasiness to players. While giving Lavar a mic is all fun and games, we need to stop giving him mic time and let the fans focus on what really matters: basketball