FashionScrub 2.0

Hi guys (to the two-three people who might read this lol). As you may tell, the website has been redesigned. Essentially, I thought of "rebranding" the website and making the articles a little more catered toward the reader while allowing me to create more content. Before, you would find categories such as FashionScrub, where we … Continue reading FashionScrub 2.0


“Passionfruit” by Drake

Another break from the normal clothing articles. This time it's music. Drake released his new album More Life a couple days ago. Gave the album a quick listen through and it's good (a small Drake fan). One song I really liked was "Passionfruit". The song is so smooth. It's soft, the beat is steady and has … Continue reading “Passionfruit” by Drake

Coffee Store Vibes (3/17/17)

Hey, this is my first blog post. These posts will probably have minimal to no connection of Fashionscrub, but they serve as an outlet for you (the reader) to better understand my non-fashion side of life. Anyway, first post. It's a rainy day at the University of Illinois today. It's also the last Friday before … Continue reading Coffee Store Vibes (3/17/17)