Shoes Every Man Should Get

You could be the most well-dressed man in the room ankle-up. However, if you can't find the right shoes, the whole look will be off. Today, I'll explain the four essential shoes every man needs to look and walk (and run) comfortably) Side Note: While shoe can be expensive, it's important to mind these devices … Continue reading Shoes Every Man Should Get


How to Freshen Smelly Shoes

The dreaded smell when you take off your shoe after a long, sweaty, wet day is quite disgusting. Your foot, having more than 250,000 sweat glands which mixes in an environment of nearly no breathing room makes havoc for terrible shoe odor. Today, I'm going to teach you an easy, simple, and quick way to freshen … Continue reading How to Freshen Smelly Shoes

International Day of Pancakes

What's better than rolling out of bed at 10am, hearing the sizzling sound of cooking at the kitchen, and running down the stairs to have a fresh, steaming, butter-slipping, syrup plastered pancake waiting for you at the table? The guy above sure seems excited. (I looked up eating pancakes and his image looked funny.) Check out … Continue reading International Day of Pancakes

How to Dress for a Cold Morning, Warm Day

It's been a funny few days of winter if you live in the Midwest. The mornings are a little chilly yet the days are warm. Here is a pic of the temperature just on February 22nd. One of the trickiest things, especially as a college student with little time to change clothes, is determining how to … Continue reading How to Dress for a Cold Morning, Warm Day

How not to Dress (Valentine’s Edition)

As today is Valentine's day, it's a time for the "in-a-relationship" people to rejoice or torment in their love and for the single to torment or rejoice in their singleness. Thinking about what to write about, I thought it'd be interesting on how not to dress to find dates and go on dates rather than how … Continue reading How not to Dress (Valentine’s Edition)

A Case for Minimalism

What's the difference between a buffet vs. a restaurant? At a buffet, the dishes are mediocre, food is left uneaten, and you leave feeling worse than when you came in. With a restaurant, the food is portion sized, (usually) well made, and you leave satisfied. That's just like having a full closet vs. having a minimal closet. With … Continue reading A Case for Minimalism