It can be hard to find good, quality clothes at an affordable cost. When I'm on a budget, I often find myself shopping at places like H&M, Forever 21, Gap, and companies like those. With an affordable price, they often offer a nice selection of clothes. The trade off? Quality and Variety. That's why I love … Continue reading JackThreads


Warby Parker

When I was younger, I really wanted a North Face. Sure, it was comfortable. Sure, it looked nice. Sure, it had that nice brand-name logo. And sure, it had a hefty price. Name-brand items like North Face are definitely high quality, but should only be sold at half or quarter of the price.With eyewear, name-brands … Continue reading Warby Parker

Jachs NY’s “Long Weekend Trip”

With spring break coming up, many college students like me will find themselves taking a mini-vacation to large ragers, parties, or backpacking to different places. Dressing for the occasion is very important when planning for these. You want to be comfortable, well-suited for the temperature, and fashionable for those instagram pictures.  I stumbled across Jachs … Continue reading Jachs NY’s “Long Weekend Trip”